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If you create content and are in Punta Cana or planning a trip, we're looking for you!


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At Imagine, we value passion and creativity over the number of followers. If you have a special talent for creating video content and a passion for storytelling, you're in luck!

Enjoy free tickets, discounts on VIP reservations, and exclusive access to The Cave!

Be the voice of Imagine

Discover Imagine: a one-of-a-kind party inside a natural cave.

Imagine is located in the heart of a natural cave in Punta Cana. This iconic nightclub offers an environment where music and the cave merge to create unforgettable nights. We invite creators to inspire and guide other #cavers through their content.

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Who can join the Imagine creators' community?

We are seeking passionate creatives who love to tell stories, regardless of the size of your audience. We value originality and the desire to share unique experiences.

Do I need to be an influencer or have professional equipment to create content at Imagine?

No, the most important thing is your creativity and passion. You can use your mobile phone to capture the night at Imagine and share your vision.

What type of content is expected from me as part of the Imagine community?

We're looking for videos that narrate your experience at Imagine, capturing the atmosphere, the music, and the people. We want you to be authentic and show what Imagine means to you.

How can I get more information about the Imagine content creators' community?

To learn more about the Imagine content creators' community, you can get in touch with us by filling out the form availablehere.

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